van1Need a fuel or trip Permit?

When traveling to or through a state that your vehicle is not registered with (IRP), a temporary “Trip Permit” is needed for that state.

With IRP Commercial Vehicle Registration your cab card or registration card will list all the states and provinces you are registered for and if you are traveling into or through a state or province that is not listed than you need a “Trip Permit” for each.

Over the years these permits have been called many things (including a pain in the butt).  Here are the most common:  Trip Permit, Single Trip Permit, Single Use Permit, 3 Day Trip, 5 Day Trip, 7 Day Trip, 10 Day Trip, 72 Hour Trip, IRP Terporary Permit, Temp Permit. Combo Permit, Truck Trip, Temp Truck Trips

If the vehicle does not hold an IFTA decal and license then a temporary “Fuel permit” is needed before entering the State.

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