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  • Over Dimensional and Over Weight :  Needed when a vehicle and/or load is oversize or over the registered weight.  This temporary permit give the vehicle authorization to move according to the permit specifications.  You need a permit if any part of the vehicle and/or load is: Width is more than 8’6″ Wide,  Height is over 13’6″ High and Total Gross Weight is over 80,000#.  Maximum total length (includes tractor and trailer) varies on each state and province.  Please call us (888-379-2525) with your total length and we can tell you if you require a permit for length.

  • Superloads :  These are usually over 120,000#, Superload status varies from state to state or province. Loads may be legal length, width and height and still classified as a Superload due to the fact their Total Gross Weight is within the state or province Superload classifications.

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