ukCRC International Permit Service

We do one this and do it great.  We are a permit service that handles all truck hauling permits within the United States and Canada.

  • Wide (anything more that 102″)
  • Heavy (over weight
  • Long (ovel length)
  • Temporary Trip ( IRP ) Permits
  • Temporary Fuel ( IFTA ) Permits
  • Blanket Permits

Truck Hauling Permit Information

Save time and frustration by using CRC International’s Permit Service.  We are directly contracted, bonded and offer excellent service for the continental United States, Alaska and Canadian provinces.


  • We have an excellent rapport with state permit departments.

  • Let us use our pull for you.  Just think of CRC International as your “Personal Permit Department” always ready to help you.

Permit Types:


  • Over Dimensional and Over Weight :  Needed when a vehicle and/or load is oversize or over the registered weight.  This temporary permit give the vehicle authorization to move according to the permit specifications.  You need a permit if any part of the vehicle and/or load is: Width is more than 8’6″ Wide,  Height is over 13’6″ High and Total Gross Weight is over 80,000#.  Maximum total length (includes tractor and trailer) varies on each state and province.  Please call us with your total length and we can tell you if you require a permit for length.

  • Superloads :  These are usually over 120,000#, Superload status varies on particular state or province. Loads may be legal length, width and height and still classified as a Superload due to the fact their Total Gross Weight is within the state or province specifications.

  • Container Cargo Blanket Permit :  When a carrier hauls containerized freight on a regular basis that is overweight and cannot be made lighter a Containerized Cargo Blanket permit is needed, per State.  This permit is usually good for 1 year and is good for multiple uses.

  • Monthly & Yearly Blanket Permits :  This State permit allows you to maximum out on length, width and height dimensions for a specific vehicle (tractor and trailer) for a set period of time with unlimited trips.

Fuel and Trip Permits :  When traveling in a State which the vehicle is not registered with IRP a temporary “Trip Permit” is needed for that State.  If the vehicle does not hold an IFTA decal and license then a terporary “Fuel permit” is needed before entering the State.

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