What is a VA Blanket Permit?

A blanket permit or your Containerized Cargo Permit allows you to move your truck as many times as needed in one year from the date issued. This will also boost your gross vehicle weight from 80,000 lbs to 90,000 lbs. One permit will cover one truck and any chassis that you are hooked to.

*Gross Vehicle Weight – Over all weight with all parts of the vehicle and load included *

How much does a Containerized Cargo Permit cost?

A Virginia containerized cargo permit is a flat fee of $200

*other states have different prices*

How long does the permit last?

A containerized cargo permit last one year from the date that it is issued.

What information is needed for this permit?

You will need the following information about your truck…

  • DOT number
  • FID number
  • Company Name
  • Tractor / license
  • Serial number

*No trailer information is needed*



The law 46.2-1141 Overweight permits for containerized freight was first created in 1973
This law is effective until January 1, 2013
This law was modified 9 times
Updated in 1989,1991,1995,1996,2003,&2012

How long does it take for my permit to get back?

If you order your permit during business hours Monday to Friday your permit will return to you with in an hour. If your order the permit on a weekend it will be processed the following Monday morning and delivered to you via fax or email.


If you have any questions or you are ready to order your permit feel free to give us CRC International Permits a call at 888-379-2525.

Drive safe and have a great day!

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