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Maryland State Highway Administration is moving right along, taking advantage of the  technology available.  Starting July 1st, 2012 the Electronic Permitting Program is going to let customers display permits and attachments on electronic devices such as smartphones, tablets, laptops etc.  This program is an option and NOT mandatory.

The Maryland Hauling Permits, electronic hauling permit program will allow customers to reap the benefit of time and cost.

This is a big step for the MSHA (Maryland State Highway Administration), they are the 1st state on the east coast to do this and the second in the country to issue electronic hauling permits.  The MSHA issues about 160,000  truck hauling permits a year which equates to 600+ permits every day.  This new program has the potential to save almost 50,000 pieces of paper each.

Melinda B. Peters says “Whether a private citizen moving a boat for the season or a major hauler deploying supplies from the Port or across the country, drivers can now display electronic permits”  and  “This presents time-savings benefits and reduces paper usage, so environmentally and financially e-permits are green.”

E-Permit Notes:

  • The permits vehicle operator must have an electronic device in possession that will receive and display the permits, and all attachments assigned to that permit, in legible PDF format.

  • Upon demand the vehivle operator must immediately retrieve and display the permit on the device to the demanding party as required by COMAR

  • Upon demand, the vehicle operator shall immediately provide an electronic copy of the permit being displayed to the individual making the request.

  • Use of the E-permit function DOES NOT relieve the permit vehicle operator from the responsibility to review the hauling permit general conditions/restrictions list web pages before the move is made.

  • Each device used for E-permit display must have evidence (e.g. bookmark, favorite site, downloaded file , etc.) that the device is set up to access the general conditions.

  • Failure to adhere to E-permit eligibility/use requirements may result in have you privileges rescinded.

So we at CRC International are happy to see growth within the MSHA division and as always if you have any questions or need a permit please call us at 888-379-2525 x2.


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