Why in the world am I starting a blog about truck permits?

Well I first thought about this and decided that it needs to be done because I haven’t really seen one before, that is a blog about truck hauling permits.  Second, there is a real need for this information to be given out. Everyday we receive phone calls asking for various information. While we don’t mind talking on the phone and giving answers I thought how great it would be that people can find the answers on our website by themselves. What beats a customer? and educated customer.

There are many different types of permits available and every state seems to have a slight or large difference in their permits. I will blog about the different types of permits and reasons for their differences.

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What Will You Gain By Subscribing?


This information will be of great value to the newbie and the seasoned heavy hauler. Rules and regulations that the states have in place can change often and you need to be aware of the updates. We can have you stay current, aware of changing laws. We believe there is no reason why we can’t give you as much information as possible before you even order a permit with us. By doing this we hope to gain your respect and prove to you that we are truly experts within our industry. Our business is completely service oriented (we don’t manufacture any products) and only by providing you best possible service will ensure that you continue to work with us in the future.


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